Friday, January 6, 2012

Lead On's

Lead on…….. What is the Purpose of leading an individual on…? If you know that you don’t want this individual or don’t see yourself with this individual why give them the impression that you do when in reality you are just using this person when it comes down to the limitation of it all that’s all your doing is using this person either money, time, or experience you chose the outcome. They are giving you there all and your giving then your wasted time.

I believe most Lead-on’s are unintentional. When it is addressed it should be fixed most people find it fun and cute but when reality hits or someone does it to you it may not be so fun. The saying what goes around comes around is similar to 7 times fold and its real jacked up and you can’t really say too much.

How can you have Lead on sex where is the connection? Or could ones ambition to leech off of this person be for a place to cohabitate till he/she gets a pick me up. I would like to say mixed messages are an immoral dishonest way to be.

On the other hand if you let it be known then the person is an imbecile